• Friday Favorites | Fitness Enthusiast Edition

    Back in September I made a commitment to myself. One where I would once and for all take care of my body on my own, without the prompt of a college requirement hanging over me. One where I took control of how I felt inside my body. For far too long, I felt like I was swimming inside of a bodysuit… Read More

    Friday Favorites | Fitness Enthusiast Edition
  • America, Ain’t You Tired?

    Of the hate. Of the violence. Of the petty, ignorant attacks on people. Ain’t you tired? I’m emotionally exhausted by this miserable election year (which, if we’re being honest, has really been two years long) in American politics. There have been death threats to newspaper employees and journalists. References to women’s genitalia in the general election brings back haunting memories… Read More

    America, Ain’t You Tired?
  • #blessed

    I can hardly believe just one week ago we were bracing ourselves for the historic Hurricane Matthew. In my last post I spoke about some preparations we took (and which ones we didn’t take) after the urgent warnings by the news. Thankfully, our area in Jacksonville got through the storm relatively unscathed. Other places on the Florida coast weren’t as… Read More