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On the Bus to Myrtle Beach

I’ve attempted to write this post a few times now, but words escaped me. And, until I could put my thoughts to words, I wouldn’t write another blog post.

This past week, one of our relatives passed away. Let me rephrase that: this past week, one of my husband’s relatives passed away. One that I had never met. However, I did know his son and daughter-in-law, Bobby and Joni, as we often go out with them in Savannah. But, my husband was out of town on business and I found myself in the slightly awkward position of “Should I go, or shouldn’t I go?” to the funeral of a person I’ve never met.

So I offered to sing at the funeral service, like the hundreds I’ve sung at before. Silly me, thinking that it was them that would benefit by my presence there.

Little did I know that it would be me getting more out of that funeral than my presence would ever serve to B’s family.
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Throwing in the Towel

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DIY Autumn Home Fragrance

DIY Autumn Home Fragrance

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Forever known as my "blue living room failure."

Life Lately

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Growing Pains

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Would you rather…

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If I Had Super Powers

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