Growing Pains

Every time I think I have this ‘life’ thing nailed down, something new pops up that I have to learn how to handle.

Last week this entailed our washing machine knocking loudly and a burning smell surrounding it. Burning electrical wires scare me (once you’ve seen a house go up in flames from an electrical fire, it’s a bit traumatizing). So it looked like a new washing machine was in our future. But since somebody went ahead and got himself a new toy, ahem, I settled for buying a used washer from a warehouse. Saved hundreds and we now don’t look like the stinky kid from Peanuts. Score. But one day, one day, I’ll have a washer and dryer that resemble these LG beauties.

Which leads me to my next point. We’re entering a new chapter of our lives…

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The home-buying process. Do we have a house in mind? Far from it, actually. I’m getting my feet wet looking up home for sale, researching what their market value is according to Zillow, and researching what other homes are going for in the neighborhood. Mortgage Calculator Plus is also an awesome tool to calculate how much house you can afford. I’ve been doing this for weeks now, soaking up information as I go. My father-in-law has been a great resource on all things real estate. The best secret he’s told me about is HomePath.

I’ve heard from friends and family that home-buying is stressful and emotional. They weren’t kidding. A few weeks back we found a house that we liked and the second I called the realtor, I learned that about 7 offers were put in. That was enough for me to put the brakes. I wasn’t about to go into full out war over a house. I’m content sitting out things and see how they play out. However…with all that I’ve learned since them, I realized that the price on that house was an actual steal and I am kicking myself in the ass for not pursuing it. The good thing is that B and I have similar tastes in a home: modern, spacious, and (dare I say it?) generic. We’re not interested in homes with “character,” a term used for old fixer-uppers. Luckily the market is full of these modern homes and it’s only a matter of time that one hits the mark for both of us to be motivated in putting in an offer.

Besides Zillow, do you have any other tools that has helped you make the best decision in real estate?

When a Man Goes Car Shopping Alone


Five years ago, when B and I got married, I was looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Then the Great Recession happened, and those rose-colored glasses flew off my face before I could utter a word. It was a rough time all around for us and for many people we knew. Luxuries were off the table. For some of us, they were off the table until only recently.

When B brought up wanting to buy a car, we talked about the all of the pros and cons, and the pros far outweighed the cons. We needed a second car because of where we live. Plus, he had some leverage walking into a dealership that made me feel better. He tested the waters and mentioned wanting a Benz. I gave him the evil eye. That man knows how to push my buttons.

So when he said he was just “going to look at some cars” the other day, I thought nothing of it. Sure, he’ll get a used car, call me about it, we can go look at it together and take it home.

Mistake número uno: Never let a man go car shopping alone.
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Things I Don’t Understand vol. 2

If you wanna read the first list of things I don’t understand, you can catch up here.

Why Walmart can’t fix their shitty shopping carts. I mean, it’s not like they don’t have the money, right?

Why I wash off all the oil from my hair to only slather Argan oil on the ends. Why?

Why we park on driveways, yet drive on parkways. Why?

Why the people who tailgate are never pulled over for speeding, but the second I enter a speed zone 10mph slower, the cops are after me. Why?

Hypocrites. Why hypocritical people can’t stand their flaws in other people. Does it bother you that they have that flaw, or does it bother you that you have that flaw? In that case, does criticizing the other person with the flaw that you both share make you a better person?

Nosy people. Correction: nosy people who don’t have any shame in their game. Look, if you’re going to stare at me, or eavesdrop on my conversation, OR sneak a peek at my utility bills on my kitchen table, up your game. Be stealthier about it. If you’re a friend or family member, it just makes me not want to have you around. If you’re neither, GTFO.

Why, with the 5M dog toys at home (and the 2M I pack for road trips) Daisy instead chooses to munch on rugs, tassels, and paper towels. What did the rug ever do to you? Does it smell/taste like chicken to you?

Why am I still surprised to see friends my age no longer married to the person they were married to only 2 years ago? I swiftly entered the age where many of my old friends and acquaintances are entering the dating scene after already having been married. To quote Rachel:


Why do dentists and dental hygienists insist on having conversations with you when their fingers are in your mouth?

Why do hair dryers have warnings against using the unit in the shower? Who in their right mind has actually tried this? Isn’t the whole point of being in the shower that you’re constantly wet? Why do you need a hair dryer? (Yes, I know they’re there because of lawsuits, but still. C’mon).

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