Enough is enough

March comes in like a lion…

I told myself I wasn’t going to even give this the time of day.  Or mention this on here.  But here I am.  Giving it the time of day.  This is gonna be a long post, so feel free to leave now if you’re not in the mood for rant.

I will preface this with a question: If you could leave a MEAN, anonymous comment on a blog…without getting caught…would you do it?  Or would you be too afraid of the universe somehow playing a sick joke on you and outing you?

You see, last week I received my first hateful comment on this blog. I know, you’re thinking What has this chick done to piss someone off?  I deleted it because, quite frankly, it was dripping with vitriol, and it looked bad on that blogger’s part.  Like, really bad, people. Not to mention that this person was insulting my integrity.  
I learned a lot about how to interact with people when I went off to college.  So much so, that I now over-analyze everything.  Shanna recently wrote about over thinking things.  Her post really resonated with me. But, here I am, still mulling over this nonsense.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some are silly, some are serious. Mistakes can lead to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can lead to anger and hurt.  But what happens when one party is not willing to meet you half way to make amends?  Especially when you are the one that extends the olive branch? 

Well, that’s where you just have to agree to disagree.  You can continue being friends, or you can just become acquaintances. (Anyone else find humor in dissecting the levels of friendships with otherwise “total strangers” in cyberland?  I digress.)  Or, you can don a cloak of anonymity and leave hateful, bullying blog comments for the person who tried to make amends with you.  Unfortunately, that’s the route this person took.  And by unfortunate, I mean for them.

some ee  cards: your anonymous blog comment really put my in my place and taught me a lesson

You may be wondering how I even presume to know who my anonymous commenting “friend” even was.  I’m a smart cookie.  Not only that, I’m no novice when it comes to cyber-bullying or cyber-stalking.  I was a victim of it in my first semester of college.  And let me tell you—you see the internet through a different set of eyes when you are harassed and threatened online.  And that metaphorical playing field turns into a sandbox when people you care about are approached by that person offline.  

My college cyber-stalking experience was a harrowing one.  These persons e-mailed me pictures of myself that they collected from my AIM profile (yes, I just felt old admitting that), and my sorority’s website.  The group would bombard me with instant messages from different AIM screen names.  I would block one, only to see another username created to take its place.  At one point, I had 6 different accounts harassing me on AIM simultaneously, tearing me down by insulting my weight, race, and gender.  It was clear they wanted me to be aware that they knew who I was, and it was clear they had a vendetta.  They even e-mailed me telling me when and where they saw me on campus.
someecards.com - Remember Sweetie, Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, Just like poop...
Then, one of my sorority sisters told me that a strange girl came up to her and stated that I had stolen “her cousin’s boyfriend from her.”  How did this Northern Belle manage that, exactly?  I learned that it was all due to one (1) date I had with a guy whose ex-girlfriend happened to be a raging lunatic.  Yes.  One date.  Needless to say, crazy “swimfan” ex-girlfriend was a deal breaker for me.
During that ordeal, I literally was afraid of stepping outside of my dorm room. This is coming from the girl who was used to dodging drug dealers in her old neighborhood in New York City.  I can’t explain to you the anxiety that this brought into my life. This was my freshman year of college…my first time living away from home.  I didn’t own a car, so I couldn’t just escape this peril on my own.  I’d have to call my parents, terror-stricken, and have them take me home.  And that would have just about killed them. 
So what did I do? I told my RA, who spoke with the dorm’s director, who spoke to the Office of Student Life, who then escalated it to the Vice President of Student Affairs of the university…aka the badass mofo lawyer  you don’t want to face in court.
I hardly had to do a thing in my defense. Oh, except I kept soft and hard copies of the e-mails…and of the hateful instant messages…both screenshots AND scripts.  I’m not stupid.  Trusting, but definitely not stupid. After submitting the evidence, the university was easily able to trace the IP addresses of the individuals.  The college senior who masterminded this whole attack on me was given two options: apologize and do really shitty community service…or politely be dismissed from the university–without walking the stage–after 4 years of classes.  Sucked to be her.

Fast-forward to this anonymous comment.  There are tools at your disposal to easily track who visits your website.  Statcounter is one of them, and I opened an account a few weeks ago not thinking I would need it for more than tracking my blog’s statistics.

The minute I got the FIRST (non-anonymous) comment last week, I visited my Statcounter account.  It logged their computer’s IP address, approximate GPS coordinates, their Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring link, entry page, links clicked, time spent, and the exit link.  The exit link was the comment form.  I labeled the IP address with their identity so that I could see if they returned.

This Tuesday, the same IP address returned and left this comment:

anonymous comment

Insanely offensive? No, silly rather, but the point of the matter is that they chose to leave a mean comment.  I’ll say it again; they CHOSE to leave a mean comment. On top of that, they chose to make it anonymous so that I could not reply nor know who was the culprit (so they thought).

This person then returned a few hours later (after I had disabled anonymous comments). To leave another anonymous comment?  To see if I had deleted it?  I have no idea how this person’s brain works.

The anonymous comment was left during business hours (10:19 AM)…and here’s the zinger.  Oddly enough, Statcounter logged the ISP’s name as this person’s workplace. How did I know? I already had a hunch–I’m not stupid. A simple Google search with the blogger’s name led me to their LinkedIn profile (including their picture)…and their employer’s name beneath their title.  Talk about a public relations nightmare.

I’m not sure what this person’s motives are…but I will tell you this…the same visitor path (referring link, links clicked, exit link) repeats itself at another location (IP address).  Hint: it’s their own blog URL that is the referring link.  And it is after business hours.  You guessed it–I now also know the IP address of their computer at home.

someecards.com - I know I could simply unlike or delete it, but I would rather bully someone into not wanting to partcipate anymore. That's just how I roll...

So I asked myself this last night, should I e-mail the person and advise them to stop behaving like an idiot, providing all the evidence I’ve garnered (activity logs, screenshots, etc), or should I blog about it, so that other bloggers could benefit from this experience?  Obviously, I chose the latter.

I DO NOT PLAY GAMES when it comes to online harassment, whether you want to call it cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, Swimfan-stalking…whatever.  I chose to nip this in the bud while informing others on how to protect themselves simultaneously.

I do not have children, but if I did (and if I chose to splash their pictures all over my blog as is my given right) you can bet your bottom dollar that I will take any necessary precaution in protecting myself.  Let it be known that Statcounter is not illegal and is one of many tools available for site analytics.

Know that your actions can be tracked online.  Know that it is not prudent to have your full name as your e-mail address if you’re going to engage in destructive behavior online.  Know that it is a waste of time to leave negative comments on a blog.  Don’t like them?  Don’t go to their blog.  Simple.

So I ask my not-so-anonymous commentator…is it worth it to continue with this grudge?  Is it worth it to associate your troll-like comments with your employer’s company name?  I don’t think it prudent.  Take this as a friendly warning.  I know how to protect myself online and, hopefully,  as a result of this post, now do many other bloggers.

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    Sorry your dealing with a meanie but so glad you are sharing this info with the blogging community. This is useful to know just in case. Also, i don’t understand the whole leaving mean comments thing. Not every blog is for you and if you don’t like it move on. Stay Strong!!

  2. says

    Good for you for taking all these steps to put an end to this. You shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of stuff! You’re a great person with a lovely blog :) you always have fun//interesting content and support the community in ways bigger than just giveaways and linkys. Shame on that person for making an a@@ out of themselves!

  3. says

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that negative experience in University, and this nonsense this time around. I am glad though that you stood up for yourself and were kind enough to share this with the rest of us.

    Take care.

  4. says

    I am over hearing doing a go Lisette dance! I had some mean comments awhile back and I wish I would have known about this stat counter. I am now going to use it. You are amazing!

  5. says

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Online bullying is obnoxious! Thanks for standing up for yourself and hopefully protecting all of us by deterring this!

  6. says

    I am proud of you and I must admit that I could not stop laughing at the swimfan comments. Brilliant. I am sure that person will read today’s post and feel utterly embarassed and ashamed to say the least. I am sorry that they left a comment that wasn’t positive. Didn’t their mama teach them “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.

  7. says

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I’ve been very lucky to not have ever got a nasty comment on my blog but I did get a horrible comment via twitter over the summer. I lost a pregnancy and almost my life in June. Shortly after 5 of my friends got pregnant and I tweeted something saying why can’t it be me too. This girl said I was bitter and she wished I never have children. I cried for days. It still makes me sad. I don’t know where people get off. If you don’t have something nice to say. Don’t say it at all.

  8. says

    In like a lion indeed. This is one of the coolest posts I’ve read in regards to mean comments..with helpful info. Question…only the bloggers whose blogs I comment on can track an IP address and get gps coordinates, right? As awesome as it is to have a tool like that, it kinda creeps me out to be honest. Thanks for sharing…I’m definitely more aware.

  9. says

    Keep your chin up. Unfortunately it happens all the time. Just most of us never find out the person behind the comment. I am sorry that this is something you have dealt with before. It scares me to death for my own kids as they get older. Any kind of bullying, mean, uncalled for words is not acceptable. Don’t let this discourage you to stop following your passions with your blog. We will never make everyone happy, especially the ones that have to take time out of their day to knock someone else down. I applaud you for your courage and sharing some tips with us. The Internet is a scary place. Xoxo

  10. says

    SO happy you wrote about this!!! And so happy you’re so smart :) This person most definitely needs a kick in the booty and I think you did just that without being rude/hurtful like they were/are being towards you.

    It amazes me what people will say from behind a computer screen. Clearly they would never say it to your face or they wouldn’t check the anonymous box when they submit their comment.

    If you’re going to state your opinion, you should stand behind it and doing so without a name/face is proof that you’re a coward who know what you’re doing something wrong.

    Glad you didn’t let this person get to you too much! You’re a wonderful person and great writer. She’s just jealous :)

  11. says

    oo my I think your awesome a modern day private eye. People think they can get away with so much and your showing them they cant. Im glad you took the time to post this because there are people going through the same thing and your now educating everyone on how to protect yourself! thanks for this post I have learned something new.

  12. says

    Thank you for this post!!!!

    Thank you for standing up for yourself and helping other bloggers out by letting us know about statcounter! I just added it to my blog in hopes I’ll never have an anonymous commenter but I’m sure one day i will!

  13. says

    Thank you so much for sharing. And I’m sorry this happened to you. People suck sometimes. They are bored with nothing better to do. I may disagree with others at times, but I stand behind my convictions and never post anatomy sky. This person is a coward that did this to you. Good for you for having the courage to inform your blogger friends, I really appreciate it.

    Diana @ NannyToMommy

  14. says

    You are an amazingly confident woman for confronting this poster. I always enjoy reading your posts. And so what if you want to link up with blogger friends and host giveaways? It’s your freaking blog.

  15. says

    Thank you for this!!! You better bet I will be getting Statcounter immediately!!! Im so sorry this happened to you!!!! I hope the person that wrote the rude comment reads this and gets the “hint” :) Hope you have a great day!!!

  16. says

    Wow. That is really scary. I would have been so freaked out – I’m so glad everything was taken care of! Bullies. All because you went on a date with a guy she wasn’t even dating anymore… clearly this woman is a rationalism personified.

    Regarding the anonymous comment — good for you. Truthfully, there was a time where a blogger irritated me enough to the point where I was all, “I wish I could leave an anonymous comment”, but my conscience would never actually let me. In the brief moment it might make you feel better, but ultimately, I’d imagine afterwards you would be wishing you didn’t do it. It just makes you the little person anyway.

    I hope your anonymous commenter sees this post!

  17. says

    Yikes! So sorry you had to go through all that in college. All over a guy??? That is just awful! Good for you for taking a stand! It’s so easy for people to be hurtful over the internet. Your blog is beautiful!

  18. says

    Wow! I had no idea a regular person could find out all the information! Thanks for posting this!! I have not had anyone post mean comments (yet), but I have had my personal photos used on another site. Fortunately, when I sent a note to the site, they removed the photo.

  19. says

    SEE! look at all the people who are on your side! i’m so glad you posted this. crap like this cannot go unaddressed. you’re just great, miss Lisette!

  20. says

    I just love this post. So much so that I had to include it in my Friday Favorites post for today. The way you intelligently and affectively stood up to a bully is inspiring and helpful to not just bloggers, but every person on the internet. I’m so glad you chose to post about your experience!

  21. says

    I truly think anonymous comments are stupid. If you have something to say – say it. That being said BE POLITE! There is absolutely NO reason to be a rude bitch and say something mean and hateful. If someone wants to say I think you do too mnay giveaways that could have been said in a FRIENDLY manner by something like ‘hey, i miss readong about your daily life, etc…’

  22. says

    I LOVE reading your blog and it baffles me that someone would take the time out of their day to write something negative to you! Really? I always try to go with the mantra that I feel sorry for those type of people. Because really, are they that miserable in their own life to try and make someone else miserable? Let alone someone they don’t even know?

  23. says

    Ditto ~ I love your blog too! Little small insignificant bullying bloggers are just sad little people – pay them no min! Delete their posts! And move on ~ I love the Sweetie ~ Poop Ecard above – too funny and very appropriate! Happy Friday and keep bloggin’!! :-)

  24. Ashley says

    I think a simple “BOOM, Bish” is in order!

    The fact they’re doing it from their employer is pretty ballsy..or just ignorant.

    I’m proud of you!

  25. says

    Wow, I’ve never had a mean comment and would actually probably cry if I got one! I’m one who thinks that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  26. says

    Wow, what a way for college to leave a lasting impact on a person! Statcounter is such an awesome tool and every blogger should have it. It’s also how I caught my cyber-bullies. Maybe after your post, your cyber bully will realize that writing hateful remarks won’t get him/her anywhere. Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  27. says

    I just have to say that I was laughing through this entire post, not at you, at the person that it was directed to. I hope they feel really dumb and guilty for it, and I LOVE that you let them know just how much you knew about them!
    I think about this all the time when I see comments on Facebook status’, etc. Some people are just RUDE on the internet and start throwing darts at people who didn’t do anything wrong.
    P.S. Teach me how to use my statcounter so awesomely!!!! I apparently don’t really know what it can do. :P

  28. says

    I don’t allow anonymous comments on my blog for spam purposes…but in reality…if I could leave an anonymous comment and be mean…I would NOT do it. I was taught to treat others with respect and treat them the way I want to be treated. Everyone is allowed to have their own thoughts and opinions regardless of if I feel the same way. And if I disagree with them and can’t say that in a nice way, then I won’t say anything at all.

    Bullies are horrible. I’ve had to deal with them throughout my whole life. I’m not sure why they feel like it’s ok to treat people badly.

  29. says

    Good that you can protect yourself. But I got to wonder, why does anyone care? It’s just a blog! This does not belittle your blog, even someone as huge as Rockstar Diaries, it’s just a friggin’ blog in the grand scheme of things. There’s real life going on and who cares about a blog? Don’t like it, don’t read. You know what I mean?

    My two cents ;)


  30. says

    Wow! You go girl! I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of that but I’m so glad you didn’t let it tear you down and you figured out a way to show who they were. You should offer your services to other bloggers who run into stalkers. I have a friend who has that issue and she has tried but sadly the device only shows an area no an exact location.

  31. says

    I cannot imagine going through all that you did in college. This is an awesome post, and I agree with the comment above! This was a great way to handle the situation, very mature… unlike the person that commented on your blog.

  32. says

    I have no words for how proud I am of your for standing up for yourself and making it known that this person is a dumbass.

    CHEERS, pretty lady!
    Have a fab weekend.

  33. says

    GOOD FOR YOU! I’m a new follower but, I have been LOVING your blog lately. Jealously is very ugly and it’s terrible that adults can act like silly little kids. The person behind these nasty comments obviously has some other issues on hand. I love that you are standing up for yourself. True inspiration for all females. Stay strong and don’t let the bullies win. It’s ironic this person sends you a comment to bring you down but, in reality you see all the MANY other people who are here to support you.

    The Plaid Princess

  34. says

    ugh I’ve had the same problem (it’s my husband’s ex though, “annoymously”) but I used statcounter too and was able to prove it was her, at least enough to get her to stop doing it all the time. Good for you girl!

  35. says

    Wow… I’m seeing a lot of posts of bloggers writing about this. I can’t believe there is people doing crazy and negative things without knowing that they can get caught.. like I said.. crazy people. So sad you had to go through this. I hope this will never happen to me, and if it does, I hope I’ll be as tech savvy as you are.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  36. says

    Thanks for the statcounter I’ve been wanting a tracker myself. is it free?

    I’m glad you stood up for yourself. NOone should ever do that. and I havent had that done yet nor do I hope I have it done. B/c if so it’s on like damn donkey kong LOL

    anyways….I dont see why anyone would leave you a mean comment. People do those kind of things b/c they are jealous of the other. and heck I’ve had folks come to my site and say there’s issues with my blog but it’s b/c my blog looked better than there’s and they were jealous.

    So just stand your ground and pray about it hun. dont let it bother you. b/c then that means they are winning.

  37. says

    Good for you for standing up for yourself and so sorry this happened. I was also stalked online (via myspace..I feel old too!) and it was the scariest thing. I had no idea who it was and my mom started to get the police involved but it finally just stopped out of nowhere..thankfully. People can be so mean. Thanks for turning this around and helping others!

  38. says

    This is amazing. Thank you so much for posting this. I had my first (two) anon comments last week that were very hurtful and I have been on the hunt trying to figure out who would say such a thing. Thanks for the tips!! So sorry you had to go through that in college, but so very proud of you for standing up for yourself now and then! Found your blog through Aubrey :)

  39. says

    words cannot explain how much I love you right now!

    good for you and cannnnnot wait to refer everyone to this blog post anytime I hear anybody talk about negative comments. so well said, and so freaking true.

    love love looooooove this!!

  40. says

    you are one of the nicest bloggers out there and I’m sorry you had this experience. btw, if you disable anon comments, do many normal people stop commenting because they’d need to be logged in with google?

  41. says

    Love statcounter and found out my “anon” hater thru it. Ridiculous people chose to leave mean spirited comments. Sorry ure dealing with it again. You rock and wrote this post perfectly!

  42. says

    Those meanies. Chin up, girl. Mean comments mean you’ve made it! hehe Seriously, though I’m sorry that has been going on. I’m impressed with your mad skills to track down the culprit, though.

  43. says

    Keep your head up hun. I’m not sure what was really head but do know that you’re stronger than this. and that they are just jealous of you sweetie. You seem to be too sweet and shouldnt have things like that happen. that’s just our luck tho huh.

  44. says

    I just have to say that this is f-ing badass. And thank you for sharing ways to take control of a cyber bully situation. I think a lot of people might feel like they have no control when they get trolled especially if it is by an anonymous commentor but this post is going to be empowering for more then a few people I would guess.
    Good on ya :)

  45. says

    So sorry that you had to deal with this! You are such a sweet woman and if someone doesn’t see that then they are truly not a good person. Good for you for standing up for yourself in college and now. That shows true confidence.
    -Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

  46. says

    Thank you so much for this post. I am new to blogging and didn’t even think about bullys leaving comments. Thank goodness I don’t have many followers, yet. I think there is quite a bit I need to learn about blogging and the world-wide web. Thanks Again for looking out for all of us…and my name is Lorri :)

  47. says

    I seriously just wrote the same post today. I had a blog bully leave a nasty comment on my post ABOUT BULLYING! Some people are just miserable and good for you for writing this. I am so glad for the happy bloggers that can support each other instead of trying to tear each other apart.

  48. says


    I read your post while I was at work, but didn’t get a chance to comment at the time. I feel like I’ll be repeating what so many people have said already–WAY TO GO GIRL!

    I’m going to show my age here, but the internet was just becoming mainstream when I was in college. I can’t imagine having something like what happened to you happen. People can be cruel to begin with, but their balls some how get so much bigger when they can hide behind a computer.

    I am glad you wrote this post. I want to learn how to use this tracker and keep an eye out. Lots of people read my blog (I can see from the blogger tracker), and I am very surprised that I have not had some mean anonymous comments over the stuff I post. I tend to be an easy target for criticism.

    Anyway, I’m proud of you standing up for yourself and sharing this information with all of us.

  49. says

    Wow, that’s nuts! I don’t get why anyone would even take the time to write a comment on a blog they don’t like…let alone something mean! I’m sorry you were bullied…ain’t nobody got time for that.

  50. says

    One of the best posts I’ve read in awhile. Started following you after reading this. I totally know how you feel! I delt with a cyber lunatic before myself. It’s frustrating to say the least. Way to stick it to ’em. And thanks for sharing about that website. I’ll be checking it out, for sure.

  51. says

    One of the best posts I’ve read in awhile. Started following you after reading this. I totally know how you feel! I delt with a cyber lunatic before myself. It’s frustrating to say the least. Way to stick it to ’em. And thanks for sharing about that website. I’ll be checking it out, for sure.

  52. says

    You’ll have to get up with me about the statcounter b/c I got an account today after reading this but cant figure out how to tell when people stop by.

    I hope it’s stopped now due to this post you posted. If not then you should try and do something about it. sounds like you really stand your ground.

    and I’m glad you did.

    You seem braver than I would be. and a whole lot smarter than what this person thinks you are.

  53. says

    Forget my question on statcounter. I played around with it tonight and now I have it and I owe it all to you and your post.

    thanks hun.

    I’m pretty sure alot of us will be getting it and it helps I see. It’s amazing tool.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hope you and your hubby had a good night! and have a good weekend.

  54. says

    That bully meanie person who comented. I feel so bad the persons who think that by saying bad words they will feel good. I am tired of this cyber bullying thing. In high school , it’s common to say in bullying “Hey girl , your hair like nest” :(
    I am a new follower :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  55. says

    Timing is a weird thing. a day after reading this post, I too got my first negative comment on my blog. It was a very hateful, political (my post had nothing to do with politics) and false comment from someone I have met all of three times. She at least had the balls to put her name with it, but I never imagined she was full of that much hate for someone she doesn’t even know. I really feel for you now and am glad I read this post when I did, because it prepared me to be able to deal with it and address it appropriately and with tact…as any belle, Northern or Southern, should. Thanks again!


  56. Adrienne Clark says

    I’m a blog newbie and this helps so much!! It’s really unfortunate that people are so rude. It would just be much easier for them to just not come back if they don’t like what you have to say. This was my first time on your blog and I love it!
    Will def be back!


  57. Veronica and Daniel says

    Good for you! Apparently some people never learned the lesson “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”…If I had a dollar for every time my mom told me that when I was growing up ;)

  58. says

    Good for you! I can honestly say I would never leave a rude anonymous comment. Such an immature, cowardly thing to do. Installing Statcounter right now :) Thanks for the tip! New follower!

  59. says

    Okay, Miss PI! I hope that the anonymous person steps forward! It might be their only saving grace to come forward and admit that they are stupid.
    I personally, would never leave a mean comment, because I rarely have negative thoughts towards bloggers. I take everyone for face value and unless you do something “wrong”, I just try to enjoy everyone’s blog!
    Good for you!!

  60. says

    Thanks for this, and sorry about your past and present experience.
    I wrote about this recently because I saw some really bad comments on someone else’s blog. I am glad you chose not to ignore it, but to write about it.
    Thanks for the information about how to follow your stats. I had no idea you could use something like statcounter and plan on using it from now on!

  61. says

    I have stat counter, but didn’t know you could do all that. In the same way that we bloggers often feel at ease sharing even personal information through our blog with people we don’t know in real life, I guess some people feel like they can say whatever they want when they’re “anonymous.” I can understand disagreeing with someone. I can understand not liking someone’s blog. What I can’t understand is just being downright mean and hateful.

  62. says

    Good for you. A person has to be truly stupid or naive to think anything they do online is anonymous. Everything can be tracked. Easily. Anyway, good for you for standing up for yourself.

  63. says

    I totally don’t get why people go out of their way to leave negative or mean comments like that. Their lives must be very sad indeed. I think you did a great job of handling this!

  64. says

    I have bee getting some pretty ugly comments and weird ones too! I need to look into the stat thingy and see if I can figure all this out too LOL. And I do have kids and sometimes it makes me nervous and I dont know what I should post etc. Thanks again.

  65. says

    I came across this through your confessions post and am glad I clicked on it. My very first comment ever on my blog after only 2 posts was a horribly cruel paragraph that not only attacked me, but my marriage as well. It seriously made me rethink continuing the blog and defending myself. But then I realized it wasn’t worth the energy to explain myself to a complete stranger who knows nothing about me. So thank you for your post and advice. You’ve helped more people than you know

  66. says

    YOU ARE INSANELY BADASS. sorry for the curse word but it’s necessary. Seriously you rock, they picked the wrong chick to mess with clearly. You absolutely did the right thing by calling them out and showing others how to be as smart as you. LOVE IT!


  67. says

    Wow, that is kinda freaky how much information can be found online. That aside, I am impressed with how you chose how to handle both this situation and that really scary one in college. I think it is perfectly acceptable to not like someone’s blog or to disagree with what they are saying, but there are more constructive ways of disagreeing (and if you simply don’t like it, why waste your own time commenting to say that?) Thanks for sharing! (Stopped by from Peacoats & Plaid linkup)

  68. says

    I’m so impressed! There is nothing worse than rude comments that folks leave behind their veil of anonymity. Such cowards. This was so informative. Thank you for choosing the latter and sharing it with us so that we can all protect ourselves should this happen.

  69. says

    This is awesome. You are such a badass. In high school I had a supposed “friend” who wrote things about me on some sort of online journal that was popular at the time (I can’t remember). I went up to her the next day in class, a class where we sat next to each other and joked and talked and shared every day, and asked her if she thought I didn’t know how to read. It didn’t really stop her but it let her know I knew. And from then on I knew to be careful around her. And what was it about? A boy. A stupid boy at that. A boy that she actually took away from me and a boy that I wasn’t even that interested in. Lame.

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