Who Are Those Bloggers?


not an expert

Just who are those bloggers anyway?

Mothers documenting life’s little moments. Twenty-somethings trying to figure things out. Comedians.

Cooks. Illustrators. Designers. Fashionistas. Trend-setters. Product promoters.

Martha Stewart, you effed up big time and you know it.

 “Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. There are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of what really good editors have created and done. Bloggers create a kind of a popularity but they are not the experts. We have to understand that.”

Do you feel threatened by these so-called “bloggers who don’t know anything?” Ree “the Pioneer Woman” is not a trained editor at Vogue, yet she has a T.V. show that started from a bitty little blog.

This video isn’t the first time you’ve disappointed me. Recently you were on the Bethenny show. Bethenny is a self-made multi-millionaire (hello, Skinnygirl Margaritas!) whom you were rude to on your apprentice show AND on her talk show. On that segment, when she asked why you did not choose her as your apprentice, you told her that she wasn’t “likeable.” You claimed she was “outspoken” and “a brat.” Well, isn’t that embarrassing given your recent pompous remarks?

Have you ever looked at someone who points fingers? The pointer finger points at the person. Three others point at the accuser.

pointing finger

Just sayin’.

Anyone who goes on a rant like yours usually speaks out of jealousy or fear. These “non-experts” gained attention without your input. Now, thanks to your word vomit, they will continue to gain even more attention.

No, I may not be an expert. Most of my cooking adventures in the kitchen are utter failures. No, I can’t flambé anything, and if I tried the only thing flambéed would be the house. My meat dishes often leave something to be desired.

I don’t come to this space pretending to be an expert. Here I am with all my flaws–take it or leave it. If I make a tutorial, I do not make it with the intent of sounding like an expert; I do so to help others, not line my pockets.

I was going to buy one of your home-office organizers for my kitchen. Thank you for saving me the trouble. I’ll gladly skip your aisles in Staples, Michael’s and Walmart and any other retailers who think YOU are an expert.

Like this blogger said, becoming irrelevant must suck, Martha.


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    My god, I cringed when I read this too. It’s certainly not a way to gain followers Martha. Everything about her statement was snotty and rude. “They aren’t trained editors at vogue.” So you have to be hired by a popular magazine to know anything about anything? If anything, Vogue is more disengenous because it caters to a subscribed population and creates for the people, according to what is hot at the moment. They choose what they think is in. Bloggers are out there creating for themselves and their peers. They aren’t all high and mighty because they are “trained editors” and who says bloggers don’t have english degrees, I do. And even if you don’t does that make your blog not valid because you aren’t published or educated? The whole thing is ridiculous and you can tell she is scared because non famous people are coming out with way better ideas than hers and they are offering them for free. You suck Martha!

    • Lisette says

      I agree with you about Vogue, or any magazine for that matter. Why not the Harvard Review? How about the Associated Press? It was very telling that she was trying to gain support from other big companies, all while walking on the little people. It was in poor taste.

      Everyone can slip from time to time, but this was just awful.

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    GEEZ! I hadn’t heard of this yet! I think Martha should take a look at her past and how she has portrayed herself before she goes judging ANYONE else. Any you know what probably bothered me the most? (because I’m a lawyer and this is instantly where my brain went lol) RECIPES AREN’T COPYRIGHTED! Only collections of recipes are copyrighted. So I can copy and re-post all those “good editors” have already tested all I want and I won’t be going to jail like she did! Love the pointing fingers graphic! I use that saying all the time!

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    I agree! I think it was petty for her to say all of these things but I wholeheartedly think that NO blogger decides to start blogging with the intent of being an expert or becoming famous. I know I sure didn’t… I mean I didn’t even expect my follower count to exceed 10, let alone 3-400. I think blogging is something only truly understood by fellow bloggers, and her remarks were rude and mainlly ignorant.

    • Lisette says

      Her comments were extremely rude. But that should come as no surprise. She was rude to Bethenny on national TV more than once. Martha needs to retire.

  4. says

    I think she just doesn’t get it. Very few bloggers put themselves out there expecting to be seen as an expert. We’re everyday people, living our ordinary lives and sharing our experiences. No, we’re not trained editors, or cookbook authors, or experts in (name whatever field). But we’re real. Besides, who says that family recipe you post on your blog hasn’t been tested? I’d argue that it has, over and over again, by people you love and care about. That makes it a tried and true recipe to me, and one I want in my collection.

    She just needs to get with it. Even my MIL reads blogs…and she’s super old-fashioned and in her 60s!

    • Lisette says

      Thanks for summing up my feelings so perfectly, Jess. You’re so, so right!

      The only recipes I put on here are some that I’ve tested (and my foodie husband has approved). She shouldn’t make a blanket statement about any group of people.

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    She’s completely missing the point – blogging isn’t about being perfect – it’s about the journey to getting there (or not getting there actually …there’s no WAY i want to be perfect. I like flaws!) and taking the journey together via blogging is great.

    For the record Martha…i didn’t even know who you were until I got married and heard your name a few times on pinterest. See, you’re not all that well known over here in the UK, and I don’t think we’re much the worse off for it.

    :) x

    • Lisette says

      I love it, Sarah!

      You’re right. It’s not about being perfect, and people love imperfect people. It’s why movies and sitcoms are so popular.

  6. says

    Oh, silly lady. I don’t think I’ve never taken advice from Martha on anything, so I’m not about to start now. I know a lot of smart people who don’t work for magazines…

    • Lisette says

      That portion of her comment was insulting. I don’t read Vogue, so I can’t vouch for the intelligence or skills of their editors. But, many bloggers are college-educated, so it’s pretty clear how ignorant she is about the blogging community.

  7. says

    Wow, I just saw the video and I am not surprised. But then again, she has a right to express her opinion. Us bloggers express our opinion all the time about what we agree with and don’t. She is right though, most of us bloggers aren’t experts… we are just everyday people. We don’t starting blogging expecting to be an expert. We blog because we like having an outlet to share stories with people.

    • Lisette says

      Yes. I like having an outlet.

      But it does beg the question….”Bloggers aren’t the experts on, what, exactly?” What did she mean by that? Crafts? DIY projects? Parenting? Entertaining? Decorating? Recipes?

      I just notice how 9/10 of those topics coincide with what she’s built her empire on. And it just hints at jealousy…or fear that she’s being forgotten.

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    i think a lot of traditional media outlets know that bloggers are taking over the world and are scared. that’s why so many brands do blogging campaigns now. so if martha’s usual readers can get similar advice for free from blogs, she really must be scared to lose her edge. plus agree that she was weirdly rude to bethenny. she could’ve said that she made a mistake since obviously bethenny has become a success!

    • Lisette says

      I agree with you Jackie. They ARE realizing the weight that bloggers having in consumer’s thoughts.

      Case in point, I was paid to do a sponsored post on Clearasil Refreshing Fruit Cleansers. I receive AT LEAST 6 hits on a daily basis for that post. Obviously people are Googling certain brands and certain merchandise.

      Methinks she’s a little peeved bloggers, perhaps, aren’t singing her praises?

  9. says

    I don’t ever claim to be an expert. Okay, maybe I do sometimes. But what I like about bloggers is that they are NOT editors. They are real people and relatable. People are drawn to that. I agree that some bloggers pretty much rip off the hard work that others have done (very few though), but come on. I’ve never been a huge MS fan anyway. Ha

  10. says

    ALSO. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen paid blogger campaigns reviewing Martha Stewart brand products. Just sayin’. How bout those stupid bloggers, then?

  11. says

    Wow, I hadn’t heard about this, but really? It’s funny that a woman who went through such public turmoil and had her empire kind of fall apart has the room to make judgements on anyone! Oh well – I love blogging and I love reading others’ blogs to learn!

  12. says

    When I heard about how rude she was to Bethenny I was annoyed with Martha, now after reading this I’m disgusted with her. I don’t understand why she think it’s ok to be snide & act like she’s superior to everyone, especially when the things she is famous for (crafting, cooking, etc) have no ‘right’ way of being done. When it comes to the things that she has built her empire off of everyone has their own opinion, & there are many people out there that do not like her or the things she produces.


  13. says

    Martha totally forgot where she came from! When did she become the subject matter “expert” in who is an expert? While she’s built a very lucrative empire, on the idea of being “perfect” and all-american, she’s a convicted felon. The woman went to prison for dishonesty, and she has the audacity to say to put down people who are just doing what I they’re good at and love, or what makes them happy in general. The nerve!

  14. says

    Wow that is so rude!!! And I don’t get the recipe thing – I would always try out a recipe before I post it! Blogging is the sharing of ideas and inspiration and sometimes, yes, it turns into a hugely popular following, like Pioneer Woman’s, and just because she is not an editor of Vogue does not mean that she does not know what she’s doing! And this, all coming from Martha Stewart, a greedy little cheater and monster.

  15. says

    Totally agree with you! Which is hard for me to say because I love Martha, but I was bummed to hear those comments. Sure, there totally are some crappy recipes out there but like you said there also are some amazing ones. Just like there are different levels of professionalism, there are different levels of blogs. Blogs, that her company uses to promote her products. It isn’t very smart of her to talk down about the people that she uses as advertising.

  16. says

    Wow. I am totally in agreement with you on this one. I don’t know if I ever categorized Martha as an “expert” more as someone who happened to play their cards right and get popular so they could gather up all the current cute and trendy ideas and publish them in one (or several) magazines for people at home to look at. I also think that if Martha read more blogs she would see that bloggers don’t claim to be experts. Most are pretty clear that this is their personal experience, that they happen to like something that others may not, or that they are not a power tool expert so before attempting one of their tutorials if you have questions you should consult an expert like Home Depot, etc. Poor Martha. She really just doesn’t understand at all.

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